Tess Jaray
Sept 26 – Sept 29, 2019

In collaboration with Karsten Schubert, EXILE is pleased to present a two-part solo exhibition of Vienna-born, London-based artist Tess Jaray entitled East of the West.

The second part of the exhibition, held at Vienna Contemporary Artfair from Sept 26 – 29, will focus on early paintings paired with a selection of contemporary works on paper. Running parallel, the first part of the exhibition, opening on Sept 12 at EXILE, presents some of the artist’s most recent paintings together with a selection of early drawings.

As a common strain in Jaray’s practice, all works have architectural abstraction/reduction at their core with many of the exhibited works in both parts of the exhibition relating to specific Viennese architectural patterns, such as the tiled roof of Vienna’s Stephansdom cathedral.

By splitting the exhibition into two physically distant parts within the same city, the viewer will be able to view the earliest stage of the artist’s career as well as the current. Yet the biography of the artist itself, who fled Vienna in 1937, is absent within the social and artistic landscape of the city.

→Tess Jaray: East of the West. Part 1: EXILE