For the duration of the exhibition Dokumentationszentrum Thüringen by Erfurt-based artist Niedling, from April 27 – June 11, we invite you to watch the videos included in the exhibition online on our TV channel:

Erik Niedling: In the Heart of Germany, 2022. Video, 22:57 min
Erik Niedling: Helmut Kohl in Erfurt, 2022. Video, 10:46 min

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Previous Programming:

Kinga Kiełczyńska: Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty
Courtesy of Infinity (voices), 2021-2022. 10:40min
Courtesy of Infinity (bee), 2021-2022. 3:40min
Parallel to the solo exhibition →Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty

Martin Kohout: Quiet Attachments – Selected video works, 2011-2021
5a, untitled, 2011. 41:24min
OTO, 2012. 9:43min
Sjezd, 2014. 6:32min
Slides, 2017. 22:30min
Frogless, 2020. 5:00min
A guided tour through Glare, and then everything stayed the same, 2021. 7:17min
A collaborative online project with  →

this is a love poem,
Autumn Knight: Sanity TV, 2018. 89:05min
Parallel to the group exhibition →this is a love poem,

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