As part of the group exhibition entitled Walder, held at EXILE Erfurt until June 10,2023, the eponymous film can also be viewed on EXILE TV.


Walder exhibition page

EXILE TV presents time-based media works, either in relation to the concurrent exhibition at EXILE or independently programmed. Previous programming includes:

Parallel to the group exhibition →Extraneous
Margherita Moscardini: The Fountains of Za’atari, 2017-18. 11 min
Milica Tomić & Grupa Spomenik: Towards the Matheme of Genocide, 2009. 120 min
Sawangwongse Yawnghwe: Snake and Ladders/Coup and Resistance (Demonstration video), 2022. 25:08 min
Extraneous Practices. Nora Sternfeld, Margherita Moscardini, Milica Tomić and Sawangwongse Yawnghwe in conversation

Parallel to the exhibition →Kazuko Miyamoto: To Perform a Line. April 29 – Jul 24, 2022 at Japan Society, New York
Kazuko Miyamoto: Documentation of A.I.R. exhibition, video transfer to DVD, 1979. (Part 1: 23:32 min & Part 2: 31:45 min)
Kazuko Miyamoto and Yoshiko Chuma: A girl on Trail Dinosaur, 1979

Parallel to the solo exhibition →Dokumentationszentrum Thüringen
Erik Niedling: Dokumentationszentrum Thüringen
In the Heart of Germany, 2022. 22:57 min
Helmut Kohl in Erfurt, 2022.  10:46 min
Ingo Niermann: Deutsch Süd-Ost, 2020. 4:03:00 min

Parallel to the solo exhibition →Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty
Kinga Kiełczyńska: Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty
Courtesy of Infinity (voices), 2021-2022. 10:40min
Courtesy of Infinity (bee), 2021-2022. 3:40min

A collaborative project with →
Martin Kohout, Quiet Attachments – Selected video works, 2011-2021
5a, untitled, 2011. 41:24min
OTO, 2012. 9:43min
Sjezd, 2014. 6:32min
Slides, 2017. 22:30min
Frogless, 2020. 5:00min
A guided tour through Glare, and then everything stayed the same, 2021. 7:17min

Parallel to the group exhibition →this is a love poem,
Autumn Knight: Sanity TV, 2018. 89:05min

To access previous programs please →email us