Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty
Kinga Kiełczyńska
Mar 10 – Apr 16, 2022

What’s the opposite of progress? What’s another word for progress? What defines progress? Does progress require change? Does change equal progress? Why is it important to know the difference between change and progress? What is progress in history? And what is the cost of it? What is the relationship between change and growth? What does growth mean to you? Are there limits to it? Why is change important to growth? Why is growth important in biology? How natural is it? How natural is an algorithm? And how algorithmic is nature? Does growth always come from within you? And what is ‘you’? Is it your body? Or is it your mind? Or is it also the air around your skin and the light it reflects?

Bonus stage of evolution is being constantly thirsty is an environment made up of two movies, two sculptures and a curtain. You are invited to meditate on the interconnectedness of materials.

Respect what you have. Interview with Kinga Kiełczyńska for The New Institute