Patrick Fabian Panetta


Born 1977 in Germany.

Lives and works in Berlin.


2002 – 2007
Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart
Class of Marianne Eigenheer and Christian Jankowski

2002 – 2004
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan
Class of Diego Esposito


Selected Exhibitions

On The Subject of The Ready Made
curated by Bethan Huws, DAC, Daimler Art Collection, Berlin

Cofa with Melange, Cologne (Solo with Christophe de Rohan Chabot)
Scale of Rating, Palermo, Stuttgart (Solo)
In The Game, Rainbow Unicorn, Berlin
Tauschenschäftin collaboration with Patrycja German, Artothek, Cologne
Scale of Rating, Melange, Cologne (Solo)

Under Construction, Galerie Nicole Gnesa, München (Solo with P. Alt)
Und hier: Dingens…, Adamski Gallery, Berlin

Raw Materials II. Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Städtische Galerie Bietigheim-Bissingen
Running, jumping or flying, Studio + Plus, Berlin
Maximal, Bild und Bar #5, Berlin
Blue Monday, Senatsreservespeicher, Berlin
Raw Materials III. Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, Städtische Galerie, Delmenhorst
Art in Progress / Re-culture III, Patras GR
The House of Pain in the Garden of Love, Dr. R. u. R. Schlesinger Stiftung, Wald Ar, CH
Proxy Affairs (Mapping the City of Mostar), bomb Gallery, Mostar, Bosnien-Herzigovina, BIH

The shoes which led me to where I am standing now. Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen
Re-culture II, Patras GR
Icono on Air Festival
abc, Art Berlin Contemporary with Andrae Kaufmann Gallery, Berlin
Novecento mai Visto, from Albers to Warhol to (now). Museo di Santa Giulia, Brescia, Italy
Portraits. Galerie Andrae Kaufmann, Berlin
Lord Byron 2021, Embros Theatre Athen, GR

Das Gleiche noch einmal anders oder überdie Unmöglichkeit der Wiederholung. Galerie Andrae Kaufmann, Berlin
La Flair De L’ Air, ISI, James Simon Park, Berlin
Best of Best of Best of Video Group Screening Show #4, Asociación Libre Carlos M. Zetina, Mexico City, MEX
Patrick Fabian Panetta, Truley Barracks, Mannheim
Silent Movies, Goethe Satelite / Western Front, Vancouver, CAN
Co/Lab at Art Platform, Los Angeles, USA
Best of Best of Best of Video Group Screening Show #5, Helper, New York, USA
Art in Progress, Patras, GR
Raw Materials – Vom Baumarkt ins Museum, MKK – Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt
Ausgezeichnet!, Museum Biedermann, Donaueschingen
Proxy Affairs (Reblogged from God’s Abacus.), Einraumhaus / Kino Atlantis, Mannheim
Parasitäre Ausstellung V, Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin
Wird schon, wird schon. Schaufenster, Berlin
Time Capsule – Eine Frau, ein Baum, eine Kuh. MKK – Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt
Take Position. Temporary Home, Kassel
Rock the Block, Berlin
I Body, II Spirit, III Creation, Uferhallen, Berlin

Best of Best of Best of Video Group Screening Show #3, 361° Associazione Culturale – Biblioteca Archivio Michele Marotta, Rome
Ausser Haus: With the Titanic to the Moon, Heidelberger Kunstverein
Proxy Affairs (Make problems just sexy enough.), Kunststiftung Baden-Würtemberg, Stuttgart
Proxy Affairs (Chosen variable representation.), Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart / Berlin
Proxy Affairs (The Primary Infinitive.), Self Service, Stuttgart
Tape Modern Curator’s Choice. Tape Modern No. 23, Berlin
One And More Chairs. Einraumhaus, Mannheim

Ampersand. Daimler Kunstsammlung, Haus Huth, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (Film and Representation #1), Facebook
Painting & Sculpture in Times of Crisis. Ludmila Bereznitska Gallery, Kiew
Luna, Proxy, Fire, Snow. No.I , Galerie Gebrüder Lehmann, Dresden
Luna, Proxy, Fire, Snow. No.II , Galerie Gebrüder Lehmann, Berlin
Bad Karma / Good Karma. The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin
Ayran & Yoga, 1st Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale / Fresco Mondo, Berlin
The Eternal Reoccurrence of Everything. Workspace, Los Angeles, USA
Proxy Affairs (Fridays Night.), Infernoesque, Berlin
The Indistinct Seeing, Infernoesque, Berlin

Proxy Affairs (What an Object Cause). The Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (Chosen Variable Representation). Infernoesque, Berlin
Lilli in a Box. 8×8, Basel, CH
Agency of Words. Bury Art Gallery Museum+Archives, Manchester, UK

Bildergeschichten. Kunsthalle Göppingen
Piraterieproblem. Brandenburgischer Kunstverein, Potsdam
One Way Ticket, KP, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (The Prevailing Condition Sheets.), Vorn Magazine, Berlin
Szenenwechsel. Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt

Proxy Affairs (The Closed Gallery Piece.), KP, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (The Grande Opening.), KP, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (The Absurdity of Marking Art, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist.)
Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart / Office: Serpentine Gallery, London, UK

Hidden Voices of Women, Galerie Weissraum, Kyoto
Proxy Affairs (Nice to meet you.), Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (Nice to meet you.), Buchmann Galerie, Berlin
Proxy Affairs (Nice to meet you.), Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin
Skulptur zur Beseitigung des Professors. Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart
All comes out of the Maultasche. Maccarone Inc., New York


Grants and Awards

2011 Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg
200 Postgraduate Grant (two-year)
2003 Academy Prize


Public Collections

Daimler Art Collection, Berlin
Bury Art Gallery Museum+Archives, Manchester
Kunsthalle Göppingen, Göppingen
Museum for Concrete Art, Ingolstadt