Sleep Cures Sleepiness

Martins Kohout

For a major part of mankind’s history, time was not tracked and kept, but searched for and observed. It was understood by the pace of cyclic events and rhythms of bodies, crops, stars and solstices. When still measured by sundials, the length of hours changed throughout the year with the different inclination of Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

But with the increasing miniaturisation and mobilisation of time-keeping devices, time entered our bodies with the calculated precision of a laser cutter, letting in valorisation of heartbeats. Metabolism got worked around and natural cycles were either ignored or ‘genetically modified’. Time got flattened in a fashion pioneered by machines operating seamlessly around the clock and with speeds beyond human comprehension.

For this publication, contributors were invited to share notes on the gap that resists the unification of body rhythms, dreams and spontaneity with the tempo of machines, communication networks and calculable profit. Here is a song for the flesh under the attack of constant availability and no place to hide, information overload, omnipresent context advertising and fear of missing out.


Presenting texts and thoughts by Ms Van Brabandt, Mr Fabuš, Mr. Haworth, Mr Kohout, Ms Kubolkaite, Mr Palm, Ms Mitropoulos, Ms Salinas, Mr Bergman and Mr Stevenson.

Put together and designed by Mr Kohout.
Co-published with 1822-Forum.
ISBN: 978-3-945243-03-9

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