Soul of the desert
Pauł Sochacki
Oct 24 - Nov 23, 2019

EXILE and CFA are pleased to present a solo exhibition by Berlin-based artist Paul Sochacki entitled Soul of the desert. The exhibition will be held at CFAlive, via Rossini 3, Milan.

What is Mythopoiesis?
When the time comes, people will have to choose their totemic name. Symbolic, meaningful, or just a little silly, everyone will have to have it. As an exception, people will be helped by others to decide their totemic name, only if they can’t really choose for themselves. A totemic name will consist of the name of an animal, either real or fictitious, and a quality. Tenacious panda, drunk dragon, sleepy bear, squinty eagle, benevolent hydras, all these will be examples. People will take massive pride in their totemic name.

Simply flat horizon
There is no better example of simplicity than a flat horizon: think of the straight line between a salt lake and the sky; or the edge of a vast sea at rest; or a smooth ice cap. If simplicity is defined as the condition of being easy to understand, a flat horizon must be easy to understand. A uniform mass of land, ice or water against an even backdrop is no trouble for the mind. No sweat, so to speak.

In the days of the cherubs we would praise goodwill. We treated the lack of it as serious business, a grave issue to solve asap. Until goodwill backfired. Just like scatological humour, it turned awkward all of a sudden. That feeling of “ouch.” No longer could we care of its heavenly promises, and even G.A. Cohen declared “fools, that is what we’ve been! Don’t you see this hell now!” And yet, were we fools? Did we miss something here?

Text by Piero Bisello

Interview between Piero Bisello and Paul Sochacki