On Demand
Pakui Hardware
Jun 1 - Jul 15, 2017


The battery dies at 30 %, again. Mischieving nature compressed to gadget, performing things on its own, clogging seamless communication. Cut off from the network, a body reclines on spring grass while staring into a starless sky. Across blue-hued layers are other bodies, unreachable but abundant with recourses, asteroids, like lonely gas stations reverberating in immense space.

Bodies in landscapes. One – on the spring grass with a dead phone battery. Others – in scapes beyond human comprehension. Bodies as landscapes provide recourses for expansion. Transformed by technology, wired for efficiency. Bodies who have never yet met, but are already connected through capital and high-res images of their bodily surfaces. Distant surfaces – the dead phone’s screen savers.

Pakui Hardware is the collaborative artist duo formed by Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda. In their work, the duo traces Capital traveling through bodies and materials.

Partner of the exhibition: Lithuanian Culture Institute
Special thanks: Ona Lozuraityte and Petras Isora

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