ART GWANGJU, Gwangju, South Korea
Aug 31 - Sept 4, 2011

In response to Art Gwangju’s kind invitation EXILE presents the Artists Aggtelek, Martin Kohout and Monica Paulina Jagoda.The works by the selected artists reflect upon the Art Gwangju’s curatorial concept of Double Democracy.

Monica Paulina Jagoda’s floor-mounted photographs show WWII soldiers on their parachutes approaching unknown territory. Hidden underneath the frame’s matts are text by the artist in reference to the photographs unknown history and loss of context. When viewed from above the viewer re-lives this state of in-between as felt by the soliders between the safety of the aircraft and the landing on hostile soil.
In her video a knitted piece of wool is slowly de-assembled. The thread of connection, of history and context is slowly retracted and with it is historical context annihilated.

Aggtelek, an artist duo from Barcelona, present the film 2o Ensayo Escultorico (2nd Sculptural Essay). In this film the artists’ create their own fictional, often surreal parallel world. The artists’ work is a constant construction of previous mis-en-scenes, always for a more imaginary and absurd world. Reality become their fiction to create what they cant have.

In Martin Kohout’s small photograph 2A. “the constellation of white objects suddenly appeared in the presence of an albino cat” a person clad all in white is holding an equally while cat.  The viewer, when peaking into the small work, at first sees nothing but his/her own reflection. Upon refocussing his/her vision the intricate details of the photograph and its simple, yet kind gestural offer, become visible. The communication with the viewer is based on its subtlety. In his work 4A. It’s Already Now Again the viewer is invited to wear a ring by the artist and therefore entering a quite intimate physical dialogue with the artist himself.