Fractures of neglect 1973-1981
Florin Maxa
Nov 8 - Dec 20, 2014

Florin Maxa’s stages of creative work, tightly correlated in the 70s, can articulate with the same significance an intransigent “discourse on method”. Between 1969-1974, the subject-matter object (the dichotomies formal-informal; structure-matter) becomes a question of the concept (displaying modular structures by means of illusionism; constructivist kinetics) and, later, an even more complex question of anamorphosis (applied graphics on computer). The computer becomes the accurate, impersonal instrument of a new “alchemy” of the image, performed “cold”.
(excerpt from Livia Drăgoi’ interview with Florin Maxa; Steaua magazine No.6, 1975)