Albrecht Pischel
Aug 14 - Aug 25, 2018

Albrecht Pischel’s exhibition SORY is the final chapter and epilogue to the curatorial and exhibition tour de force of EXILE’s ten-year anniversary season collectively entitled May the bridges I burn light the way. Pischel’s deliberately short exhibition is conceived as a reverberation of the closing gallery space in particular and as a melancholic yet humorous gesture towards art and its props in general.

In SORY, Chinese Joss paper replica of multi-media equipment are mocking the technological-aesthetical codes of contemporary art shows. The appropriated paper effigies, which by tradition are ritually burnt to provide renditions to ancestors and stray ghosts, become fragile placeholders for the art exhibition itself, leaving behind a depleted shell of a show. Following an analogous strategy of dematerialization, Pischel is also presenting a sound installation in which latent images and its projectors are echoing in the exhibition space.

SORY is in many ways a good-bye metaphor for EXILE’s Berlin space, asking invisible forces for their good-will, support and continuous energies for the opening of our new location in Vienna on September 14.