Ad Memoriam
Nov 23 - Dec 21, 2008

With great joy EXILE presents its second exhibition project organized by composer, singer and artist Joel Gibb. Specifically timed for the month preoccupied with the birth of Christ Ad memoriam looks ahead and acknowledge our inevitable death and decay.

The project brings together the works of the Canadian artists Joel Gibb and GB Jones, as well as the French-born artists and Berlin residents Christophe Chemin and Gwenaƫl Rattke. All of their works, some of them made specifically for this project, reference what is likely our greatest obsession and fear: the passage from alive individual to decaying corpse.

Working with distinctly different media, ranging from Jones’s lush graphite pencil drawings and Rattke’s magazine collages to Chemin’s bubble-gum crucifixion scenes and Gibb’s black felt wall tableaus, the artists dissect and contribute to the cult of death.

Ad memoriam transform Exile’s project space into a pop-depressive chapel devoted to the rituals, processions and glorifications of all our inevitable departure.